Production Management System

Production Management System

In terms of production management solutions, we are both bold and resourceful. Solving your problem and hustling is what we love to do. We conceptualize and create solutions which are relevant to the present & future needs. Production management system is the basis of modern factory information management for safe production, we establish the production management system and assist enterprises in fulfillment of business plans, construction of their production orders, and deployment of production resources, assurance of safe production and realization of their production goals.

Pharma, Food industries, Beverages industries, heavy asset processing industries, such as power generation, chemical industry, iron ,steel and nonferrous metal to constantly improve the corporate level of intelligent plant production and better the enterprise management performances.



    • It is defined as planning, implementation and control of industrial production process to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Production management techniques are used in both manufacturing and service industries.
    • Simply, production management is a process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of the production function.


There are various types of reports that are made using PMS, stated below
  • Daily reports
  • Monthly reports
  • E.E. reports
  • Manpower reports
  • Application reports
  • Downtime reports
  • Changeover reports
  • Hourly reports


  • Real time efficiency calculation
  • Downtime analysis
  • High speed production counter
  • Cloud based
  • monitoring(Application based)
  • Report generation

We provide Production Management System for catering needs for Manufacturing, Process Industries giving in depth analysis of Manufacturing & Production Process Activities, Deployment of Production Resources, and Safe Production Information Management.



One of esteemed Pharmaceutical Company major challenges in Production is Batch Traceability, Batch Wastage, and Poor Information Management for Safe Production, OEE Calculation.


By Implementating our PMS , Batch Tracking is Implemented  due to which Batch Wastage result to zero and Information Management for Safe Production is also implemented and OEE Calculation.


One of our esteemed client in Beverages facing Major Challenges with their Nozzle Alignment resulting in Batch wastage and Quality Issues


By Implementating our PMS , Batch Tracking is Implemented due to which Batch Wastage result to zero and Information Management for Safe Production is also implemented and OEE Calculation can be done.