Smart Water Management System

Cloud Based

Smart Water Management System

Smartly manage your water operations by connecting sensors and assets across the infrastructure.
Cloud-based monitoring and analysis of water infrastructures that include treatment plants, pumping stations, tanks, pipelines, etc. Connect sensors and assets like flow, level, pressure, quality, pumps to drive smart visibility and control.

Water Industry Is Facing Critical Challenges:
Growing Scarcity
Leakage & Pilferage
Poor Quality/Effluent Discharge
Groundwater Depletion

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Water Supply Analysis

Storage Management

Intelligent Piping

Dyanamic Water Balance

Automated Metering

WTP, STP,ETP Digitization

We cater advanced technologies in SMART WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM with concept of Water Saving, Water Managing, Water Distribution which is most essential commodities of our industries and our life

Uses Cases:

  • Heavy Industries
  • Utilities
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Level Monitoring
  • Water Leakages
  • Quality